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Management Information System (MIS) In The National Library Of Iran

The main purpose of the study was examining the intermediary managers‟ attitudes of National Library of Iran toward management information system (MIS). To this end, qualitative approach and collective case study methods were utilized. The statistical population consisted of all intermediary managers of the library. The participants were interviewed and the data were analyzed based on coding principles. The findings revealed various types of managerial information which the managers need as well as the methods of obtaining it. Moreover, the results shed light on the managers‟ attitudes toward MIS advantages, the challenges of lack of MIS and barriers to deployment MIS in the library. According to the managers‟ viewpoints, making use of MIS can solve numerous managerial problems in the National Library. It can also lead it to reach its ultimate goals. Keywords- Management information system, National library of Iran, Managers of national library, Management of national library.