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Regeneration of The Haz Aribagh Urban Brownfield, Health Condition of Tannery Workers, Mechanic Workers, Cleaners and Fish Sellers In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low lying riverine country. Ever since the early industrialization of Bangladesh, leather processing industries have played an important and noteworthy economic role. In Dhaka city, these industries are mainly concentrated in Hazaribagh, an important area in the southwestern part of the city which acts as a junction point connecting the new town with the old town. But unfortunately, the use of inferior technologies, coupled with the absence of proper industrial waste-treatment facilities and waste-management have destroyed the ecology of the Hazaribagh area and badly impacted its surroundings also. Apart from these, the health condition of workers and resident people are not up to the mark in Hazaribagh area. For this reason, shifting of tanneries from Hazaribagh and enlargement of this area after relocation will be a monumental opportunity for sustainable urban brownfield development movement. This study points to investigate not only the present thrash environmental condition but also health condition of the workers in Hazaribagh areas, and overall physical health condition of mechanic workers, cleaner and fish sellers in Azampur(Uttara) and Azimpur in Dhaka city. This present study also includes the projected aftermath of the decision taken by the Bangladesh government to impel Hazaribagh tanneries outside Dhaka. Regeneration of urban Hazaribagh brownfield can act as a model for 21st sustainable region that integrating all the cutting-edge technological facilities and environmental friendly methodologies, free from the severe pollution. Index Terms— leather processing, Dhaka city, brownfield development, ecology, fish seller, mechanic worker, cleaner, physical health, regeneration.