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Evaluation of Gamification Practices in the Scope of Tourism Sector

Digital marketing is a way of marketing that service sector as well as tourism sector has begun to use widely like the other sectors and the effect of which has been increasing continuously. Consumers adapting to the digitalizing world are now waiting for new activities and activities of marketing from the businesses. Gamification, a new and entertaining way of marketing, has dragged marketing into a unique dimension in terms of consumers and businesses. Most of businesses operating in tourism sector -such as Trivago, Booking, Rixos etc. - have provided a great convenience for tourists with their digital applications. Offering the entertainment for the users by adding the game content to the existing digital applications of the companies will provide an important advantage for digital marketing competition. The motivation bases of the gamification concept appear that they are based on a multidimensional motivational system such as curiosity, socialization and entertainment in the gamification applications in tourism businesses when they are evaluated in terms of tourism businesses. In this study, examples of gamification applications for marketing purposes and to what extend these applications have been realized are investigated are examined in tourism sector. Index Terms - Digital Marketing, Gamification, Tourism.