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Investigative Of The Relationship Between Learning Organization And Teacher Creativity

The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between learning organization and teacher creativity. The method of the study was survey study method and the population of the study was included all teachers in the elementary, middle and high schools of the Bojnord city. The sample size was290 individuals according to Morgan and Krejcie Table (N=1244) and stratified sampling method was chosen to select sample. For data collection used two questionnaires. One of them was the standardized questionnaire to find learning organization and another one was a standardized questionnaire for assessing creativity) Reliability is 94% and 82%) Data analysis (Pearson correlation test, the stepwise regression test and analysis of variance) was performed using SPSS software. The results showed that the main hypothesis of the study wasn’t approved and there was a significant positive relationship between the mental models and team learning with teacher creativity at the level of P <0.05. Accordingly, much expanded and institutionalized learning organization may also increase the rate of Teacher creativity Keywords- learning organization, Teacher creativity