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The Impact Of Intellectual Propriety Rights On Economy

This paper aims to analyze the main elements of the reform on copyright in Albania and arguments about the level of intellectual property protection. Domestic and foreign legal frameworks have a major importance in adapting to the challenges of this field in the digital economy. The high cost of losses due to the informality and piracy on the economy makes it necessary to normative the regulation and to take measures on enforcement of intellectual property in our country. We believe that is urgently needed dumping concrete steps to monitor the intellectual prorpriety market as also an obligation towards national actors but also as obligation arising from international agreements in which Albania is a partie. Institutional interaction, strengthening of human resources have a key role in the technological development under the motto of fair use of intellectual creativity. What is the actual situation of copyright and industrial property in our country? How much and in which way our institutions operate in ensuring the promotion of this ownership? How important is the economic aspect of the interest groups and the general public to use creative works? The first step of a "creative economy" is to develop appropriate legal arrangements followed by state regulatory concept to steer the economy as part of a global and European market. Keywords- Intellectual Property, Creative economy, Legal protection, Collective management agency