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Speech Act of Helmut Kohl Speech about German Reunification in 1989

A fundamental advance in recent theories about natural language pragmatics involves the realization that people use language not just to describe propositions, but also to perform actions which it means speech act. Many previous theories of speech acts have taken speech acts to be independent and primitive units of communication, implicit in, but separate from, description and inference. In this study, the author proposes that speech acts of speech can be explained by a combination of description and on speech there are politeness. This explanation relies instead on an explicit linguistic units, including clausal moods and verbs. The data in this study is taken from the archive of Helmut Kohl’s speech and translate it from German into English. This study aims to describe types of speech acts used by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on speech in 1989. Also, I illustrate the relevance of this model for syntatic style and to describe politeness strategy of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on his speech about German Reunification in 1989. Keywords - Pragmatics, Speech Act, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Politeness Strategy, German Reunification in 1989