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The Repressive Force Of Administrative Legislation In Albania And Russian Federation

This paper aims to analyze the administrative legislation in Albania and Russian Federation also to evident the problematics that are meet on the process of administrative reforms in these two countries.It is known the importance of the administrative legislation for the government of one democratic and rule of law state but are not known by everybody the issues that ex-comunist countries have on the implementation of a new administrative legislation which must first of all assure the protection of rights and liberties of citizens on the receivement of state services. This papper is focused mostly on the represive potential of administrative legal norms because usualy is known better the repressive potential of criminal legal norms. This papper has used the methodology of comparative analyse between these two legislations, historical analyse and empiric methodology. The author is studying the administrative reforms in estern European counties because of their specifics in the framework of her doctoral disertation. The aim of this papper is first of all to present the mainly issues that exist in countries with a new democracy in which centralisation of executive power for years have been the main way of organisation of the state. Keywords- administrative legislation, Albania, Russian Federation, administrative reform, represive power