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Concepts of Family in Islamic Arabic Society and western Society

Talking about family is talking about a network of connections , relations and concepts which forms the main core of a society, furthermore it also forms a value system of the pedagogical content to the person, to make comparison between two cultural contexts: the western civilized model and the Islamic civilized model for the expression of “Family” and its formation and the elements that are related to, would make a numbers of paradoxes between these two models, upon that it will have effects on different fields of knowledge such as Philosophy, Sociology and Religion. I’m not overstating if I say the size of the paradox between these two concepts reaches to a case of contradiction, as the western social and ethical crisis from this paradox can be approached itself, the illusions of modernism can be recognized through the effects are overshadowed to the changes that hit the western family and society, and the values of the western family itself, therefore the religious and philosophical beliefs would have effects on the prevailing manner of relations, and it also linked to the demographic (population), cultural and physiological variables ( As it was confirmed in a study was made about the European Family). Here we will try to clarify the transformations of the concept of "family” according to the philosophy which is controlled by without omission of the forms that have been generated from and its implications. Keywords - Relations, characteristics, Religion,