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A Survey of Thai Youths’ Desire for Continuing Vietnamese Language

This study aimed to study Thai youths’ desire for continuing Vietnamese language. The sample consisted of 450 students to answer questionnaires. The instruments are questionnaires and questions. Analyze information by calculating percentage. The results of the research were revealed as follows: Thai youths desire for continuing Vietnamese language 33.60%. Thai youths do not desire for continuing Vietnamese language 53.60% and not sure 12.90%. The reason to choose to study Vietnamese is to know more than one language.The most three issues which Thai youths do not want to study Vietnamese language are loving to study other languages, do not like Vietnamese language and difficulty. The most three benefits for studying Vietnamese language are communication, knowing more than one language and joining AEC. Communities have influence on choosing Vietnamese language.Vietnamese youths want to study in. The factor to studying in Vietnamese language is having jobs. Vietnamese language teachers and tour guide are the occupation that Thai youths want to be. Key words - Youth, Desire, Vietnamese language, AEC