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Study of Seaweed (Eucheuma Cottoni) Marketing in Makassar Industrial Area (PT. KIMA) as Seaweed Marketing Center in Eastern Indonesia

Seaweed is an export commodity whose economic value is quite high and provides many benefits and prosperity to coastal communities, especially in South Sulawesi Province, which is the largest producer in Indonesia. In addition Makassar is a marketing center of seaweed in Eastern Indonesia, where there is Industrial Area Makassar (PT KIMA) there are many seaweed exporter companies. The purpose of this study is 1). To study the shape of marketing channels from various sources of seaweed in eastern Indonesia to the industrial area of Makassar. 2). To analyze the amount of margin, profit, and level of efficiency gained by each marketing agency. 3) To examine the pattern of intimacy between seaweed marketing institute with the Company. Location of this Research; at KawasaIndustri Makassar, at PT. Bantimurung Indah Kab.Maros, Port of Parepare City and the Port in Makassar. This research period is for 6 (six) months, that is April-September 2017. Type of Research is survey with Research Approach is approach of goods where this approach trace seaweed to Industrial Area of Makassar and Surrounding Cluster random sampling sampling technique, by determining informants from the company (Director, raw material procurement department, marketing department, production department, export department, and company worker) and collecting salesman informant. Data collection techniques used observation and in-depth interviews. The results of this study indicate that seaweed in Makassar Industrial Area is not only from South Sulawesi but originated from eastern Indonesia, such as from Kalimantan, Maluku and Papua, the marketing channel of the company consists of the first level marketing channel and the second level marketing channel , the average margin on two companies is IDR 2,750 / kg. The average marketing profit received by collecting merchants is IDR 8. 968, - / kg, while the average profit of the company is IDR 809.375, - / kg. There is marketing efficiency in two companies. The partnership scheme used is subcontract partnership pattern, general trading partnership pattern, while in other 2 companies the highest margin average is in the Exporter institution of IDR. 3,500 - 5,000 and the highest margin value is in the collecting merchant institution of IDR. 500 - 1,000. Keywords - Marketing, margin, profit, efficiency, Partnership Pattern, seaweed