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Development Pressure In Transforming Of Land Use/Land Cover Using Geo-Information Technologies

Transformation of land cover in a region with rapidly dwindling land/man ratio is required to be demonstrated. Uncontrolled demographic pressure and industrial development took its toll in unsustainable land use pattern leading to the dubious distinction of the region as one of the worst Arsenic affected realm of the world. The present study proves an appraisal of spatial changes in the land use/land cover over the last 21 years (1992-2013) in a coastal region of Papua New Guinea using multi-temporal Landsat images. The transformation of land use scenario of the district was depicted through remote sensing via supervised classification technique. The comparative study shows that this region had experienced consistent change in forest area with an overall rate of change of about more than 15 percent from 1992 to 2013. Keywords - Land use/land cover, Remote Sensing, Supervised classification, Landsat Image.