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A Comparative Research Regarding Decision-Making Process of Cruise Travel Merchandise Purchase by Cross-Strait Female Tourists of Millennials

Obviously, Asian tourism market regarding cruise travel has become more and more popular amid the Asian travelers in the 21st century, in particular, when it comes to cross-strait female tourists of millennials. The cross-strait young female tourists, with their purchasing power exponentially aggrandized, are deemed the most potential consumers seeking for cruise travel. Majority of previous studies in relation to cruise tourism mainly focused on the governmental policies, the significance of cruise travel providers and post-purchasing behavior analysis, however, the fundamental issues, i.e. necessity and wants regarding the cruise tourists are rarely explored. Accordingly, the present research will incorporate qualitative method (literature review, in-depth interviews, and two focus groups in Taiwan and the other two focus groups in Mainland China) and quantitative (questionnaire) approach to analyze the decision-making process concerning the young female tourists. The research results are not merely beneficial for the cruise line operators but also the tourism industry aiming at reinforcing the cruise travel while enhancing the overall quality of cruise tourism merchandise. Moreover, it proffers relatively insightful reference in relation to the emerging market regarding the cross-strait female tourists of millennials. Keywords - Cruise travel, Travel agency, Female tourist, Cross-strait, Decision-making process