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Development of a Simple Instrument to Determine Watermelon Consumer Acceptance based on its Amplitude

Watermelon ripening level is detected by a simple method by tapping of the fruit side. Tapping aims to distinguish watermelon maturity. One theory that used to analyze the ripening is acoustics principle. Therefore, a tool to determine the level of watermelon maturity based on its amplitude is compulsory. Watermelons test that are used is 30 pieces by 10 untrained panelists and an expert. Statistical analysis shows that there are correlation between expert judgment with amplitude, 0Brix, and sensory test. Moreover, regression analysis is done to interpret amplitude from morphology aspects (weight, height, and diameter of watermelon). Other regression analysis is conducted to represent 0Brix and sensory test evaluation based on amplitude. Performing simple instrument and regression analysis will impact to logistics performance of watermelon. Farmers or traders can classify and guarantee the quality of watermelon. In consumer perspective, they will assure trader judgment because the maturity has been quantified. Key Words- Acoustics, Amplitude, Customer Acceptance, Watermelon