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Proposed Marketing Strategy for Increasing the Number of Customers of Muslim Salon (Case of Yasna Salon Muslimah)

Yasna Salon Muslimah is a Syariah-based excellence salon that established in Malang city. Since its establishment in 2012 as of recently, Yasna Salon Muslimah has a business issue that business development that is not maximum. The decreasing in the number of customers, deals targets are not accomplished, and the lack of work is an indicator that Yasna Salon Muslimah is not well developing. This study aims to determine the cause of Yasna Salon Muslimah business issue, formulate a strategic solution and to apply it. The method used for this research is the Mix Method. Qualitative methods are used to obtain primary data from the interview and observation while quantitative methods are used to get primary data about consumer analysis and potential customers by distributing questionnaires. Also, secondary data is required which obtained from several sources such as BPS, Bank of Indonesia, web analytics, and the others. After the data gathered, the researcher is directing the internal, external, and consumer analysis. Based from the analysis that has done, the main cause of the business issue is the problem low effectiveness marketing strategy so that researcher recommends a marketing strategy which consists of Segmenting-Targeting-Positioning and new marketing strategy as a solution to solve the cause of the problem. Index Terms - Consumer Purchase Decision, Marketing Mix, Muslim Salon.