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Proposed New Marketing Strategy for Band Merchandise Business (Case: Mustache and Beard Merchandise)

For a long time, bands and artists used their brand to increase the number of revenue streams via different passive income sources such as sales of merchandise. This phenomenon also happened to one of an indie folk band called Mustache and Beard. This research is conducted to propose new marketing strategy based on quantitative research by questionnaire, which is spread to the Mustache and Beard’s fans. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gain insights based on influencing variables of consumer purchase decision process toward band merchandise. The results of the questionnaire are analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to know which one is the most influencing variable within consumer decision process to buy band merchandise. Based on SEM results, the consumers are strongly affected by Individual Differences variable in considering their decision to buy band merchandise. Therefore, this research will propose the new marketing strategy based on the Individual Differences variable. Index Terms - Band Merchandise, Marketing Strategy, Decision Process, Individual Differences