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Effect of Six Weeks Energy Drinks Intake on Athlete Performance

Energy drink becoming very popular among sports person throughout the world. Present study has been conducted of determine the energy drink on athlete performance. For the study 30 athletes of the lovely professional university who played inter university were tested. The data was collected for all the three variables for all the drinks of Lovely Professional University who played. The drinks were given before 30 minutes from the administration of the test and the test conducted between 10 am – 11 am. To analyze the data descriptive statistics and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was employed. In case of significant main effect results, Levene’s test was employed for pair-wise comparison to find out the mean difference among the groups at.05 level of significance. After analyzing the data the insignificant difference was found in the speed variable. The significant difference showed for Endurance variable in between “Control and red bull”, with p value 0.048 and “Control and Gatorade” with p value 0.012. There was insignificant difference between “Gatorade and Red bull” with p vale 0.530. The result also showed that for the agility the significant differences between “Gatorade and control” with p value is 0.023 and “control and Red bull” with p value 0.012. There was insignificant difference between the “Gatorade and Red bull” with p value 0.746. Physical activities are the movement which needs energy expenditure. In our daily life we do some physical movement like walking, climbing the stairs and our daily routine work which is also associated with physical activity. For the physical activity we need some energy which comes from food. The Energy is produced by body by consuming food which we intake in three forms carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The amount of energy is required for the daily routine work is very less but the energy requirement for the vagarious sports is quite different and higher the normal person or people. Athletes need to take extra energy from food sources as well as supplements. Supplements are those substances which are used to fulfil the daily requirements. The required amount of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, are fulfilled by these supplements, these substances are added into the food or diet. Nowadays Energy drinks are used as stimulants or to enhance performance. Energy drinks are the beverages which consists caffeine in it; it is stimulant drug which arouses physically as well as mentally. There are so many types of energy drinks like Red bull, Monster, Gatorade, NOS. The physiological effect of energy drinks is first of all it will increase heart rate frequently which is not good it disturbs the functioning of heart, increase blood circulation, increase breathing rate etc. Physiological effect of energy drinks are insomnia, anxiety, aggression, restlessness, etc. These days commercial of red bull shows “Drink Red Bull It Gives You Wings”. The adverse side of energy drink is it shoots the heart rate to maximum it may lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack. When this is compared to the 80mg of caffeine found in a can of Red Bull, one can understand why most users of energy drinks consume multiple drinks. For Red Bull, three cans contain 240mg, which is just 40mg above the 200mg found to enhance mood in the Childs study The drinks include a variety of ingredients in different combinations: plant-based stimulants like guarana, herbs like ginkgo and ginseng, sugar, amino acids including taurine as well as vitamins. But the main active ingredient is caffeine. . Energy drinks and sleeps. The energy drinks are the stimulants to the (Central nervous system) CNS (Innove clin Neurosci 2012).The objectives of the study is to find out the relationship of energy drink with performance. The hypothesis of the study s there exist significant relationship between energy drink and performance. The importance of the study it may help to prepare fitness program for athletes, the finding of the study may helpful to the coaches and player, the finding of the study may helpful to the people who work for a long period of time, the study may provide adequate knowledge for the teacher, coach in planning and administration of fitness training programme. The study may help the teachers, coaches to prepare the suitable training schedule for the pre competition programme.