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Joint Audit and The Implications of its Use

The global financial crisis led to the emergence of questions aboutthe quality and scope ofthe independent audit. In an attempt toremedy the situation by the European Commission (EC) in 2010, aseries of proposed solutions, which offer a joint audit, was one ofthem. In this type of audit, two audit firms simultaneously andindividually perform the audit and the audit report issued a jointresponsibility for this opinions. The main aim of this study was toevaluate the effect of joint audits of quality, cost and market audit.This study uses theresults of previous research and the literaturehas addressed this issue. The results show that the empiricalevidence supporting the positive role of the joint audit on auditquality islow and inconsistent. The impact of joint audit on auditcosts, results showed that the joint audit requirements lead toincreased costs and the optional use of different results. Also, theresults showed that the audit market monopoly in countries thathave a long history ofusing this type of audit (including Denmarkand France) less than in other countries. Keywords: Joint Audit, Audit Quality, Audit Costs, Audit Fees, Audit Market.