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A Study on the Development of Ternary System Concrete Strength for Improving Durability of Concrete in CFT Structure

The purpose of this study was to analyze strength development of ternary system concrete for Improving Durability of Concrete in CFT Structure The specimens were made with normal portland cement and pozzolan materials with various replacement ratio and with W/B ratio ranging from 0.55. Compressive strength were determinated for for the test. Concretes made with these proportions generally show excellent fresh and hardened properties since the combination of silica fume and fly ash, silica fume and blast-furnace slag is somewhat synergistic. For instance, fly ash appears to compensate for some of the later compressive strength often associated with the use of higher levels of silica fume, whereas the silica fume appears to compensate for the relatively low early strength of fly ash concrete. And the later hydration of blast-furnace slag is very effective in producing ternary system concrete with similar or higher compressive strength than portland cement at 28 and 90 days. Therefore ternary system concrete is improving the early and the later compressive strength. Also the use of ternary system concrete provides economic and environmental advantages by reducing portland cement production. Index Terms - Ternary System Concrete, Blast-furnace Slag, CFT Structure, Fly Ash, Silica Fume