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Heat Transfer Numerical Analysis and Validation of Radiofrequency Stimulator including Thermoelectric Device

We numerically investigated heat transfer analysis of human body under the influence of deep heat and cool stimulation by applying RF current and using thermoelectric device. Using COMSOL multi-physics, the model can be solved by coupling Maxwell equation, Navier-Stokes equation, and Energy equation. The temperature was measured when the high frequency stimulator was applied through the pork temperature and it is compared with the numerical analysis results. It is confirmed that the coagulated region over 50 degrees is similar and it can judge the tendency from the analysis. The temperature range is compared according to the output level of the high-frequency stimulator and time. Further, it confirmed that the depth of the deep region increases with the increase of the output level. Keywords - Radiofrequency Stimulator, Thermoelectric Device, Numerical Analysis, Heat Transfer