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Content Analysis Of Read And Write Persian Curriculum From Viewpoint Of Rate Attention To The Children's Literature In Primary Schools

The aim of this study was to detection the rate attention to the Children's literature in read and write Persian curriculum of fourth and fifth grades of primary school in Iran. The research method was descriptive and content analysis was used .to collect data the Check lists of Children's literature component was used. Based on theoretical principles the check lists were developed and its validity was determined by educational expertise and some other related specialist's .Each sentient in lesson objectives, student and teachers books. Based on the content analysis ,the most important results indicate that , the percentage of sentences related to the children’s literature was 0.96% in Fourth grade Curriculum and 0.63% in Fifth grade Curriculum .This issue show that there little consideration for children literature in Persian read and write curriculum of fourth and fifth grades.. Keywords - Children's literature, Curriculum, Persian read and Write Curriculum