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Minimal Constrained Rendezvous Node (MCRN) Algorithm For Mobile Data Gathering In WSN

Recent research shows that introducing mobile element achieved significant energy saving in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) due to minimizing the communications required among nodes. The rising problem is the large data gathering latency due to low velocity of the mobile element. However, in order to overcome this problem, the mobile element should visit some certain nodes to minimize the data gathering latency and pull their data before eventually returns to the Base Station. Thus, minimizing the number of visiting nodes is the main target of this article, which leads to enhance the data gathering latency. In this article, Minimal Constrained Rendezvous Node (MCRN) algorithm is proposed, in which the aggregated data will be relayed to Rendezvous Node (RN) based on three constraints (1) bounded relay hop (2) number of affiliation nodes (3) location of the RN. The algorithm design in which to jointly consider the mobile element tour length and the Shortest Path Tree (SPT). The effectiveness of the algorithm is validated through extensive simulations against two existing algorithms. Keywords: Mobile element, Rendezvous node, Tour length, Data gathering, WSN