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Examining The Effects Of Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning On Students’ Twenty-First Century Skill Development Awareness

This study examined two Project-Based Learning (PBL) environments in university undergraduate programs, to determine the impact PBL has on the changing perceptions of 21st century soft skills. Further, researchers were interested in evaluating the difference in results between an interdisciplinary PBL experience and a non-interdisciplinary PBL experience. The fundamental elements of PBL are well suited to stimulate soft skill development in participants. Researchers evaluated the difference between a discipline-specific PBL experience involving a hospitality management course and an interdisciplinary PBL experience involving hospitality management, computer sciences, and graphic art design courses. Researchers used a Non-Equivalent Group Design to collect and organize data. Students were asked to rank order 21st century skills in order of their perceived importance of which skills were most important for early career success. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills framework was used to describe the skills, as they have been used wid. Index Terms—applied skills, interdisciplinary education, project-based learning, twenty-first century skills