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Work Design And Work Meaningfulness - What Matters In A Changing Work Environment

The Rapid pace of change in social, economic and technological spheres is impacting the nature of work in organizations. Concept of Work in new age organization setting is getting redefined as organizations are moving away from hierarchical structures to more flattened structure, fixed to flexible working hours, hoarded to shared information, command and control to engaging, empowering and inspiring leadership, on premise to cloud technology, silo and fragmented workforce to more engaged and connected workforce with work from anywhere options (Forbes, 2013). These changes have posed a challenge in creating meaningful work assignments and workplaces in the pursuit of consistently engaging employees. In this questionnaire survey based deductive study; we analyze the interaction between work design and work meaningfulness and the implication on organizations and individuals, in the context of the shifting nature of work. This study covered 61 professionals, in client facing and technology roles in a new age IT (information technology) multinational organization. We use validated scales to understand what matters in a changing work environment. Findings provide insights on components that can be integrated into work design to proactively manage work and make it meaningful for employees.