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The Sustainable Development Of Sunday Market In Muang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

The study about sustainable development for Sunday market in AmphoeMuang, Chiang Mai province aims to investigate elements that associate with tourists and entrepreneursí development strategy on Sunday market in AmphoeMuang, Chiang Mai province, and to evaluate sustainable development index in tourists, and entrepreneursí perspective including overall index of Sunday market. The sample data was obtained from 400 tourists who traveled to Sunday Walking Street and 100 entrepreneurs at Sunday walking Street. Descriptive analysis was applied to this research together with quantitative data analysis. The results show that factors that associate with touristsí development plan on Sunday Walking Street, AmphoeMuang, Chiang Mai province, could be categorized among three dimensions. The convenient and sufficient of parking space is the factor that matter in environmental dimension. On the contrary, the sufficient policeman is related to social dimension. Furthermore, economic dimension correlates with food and massage price. In touristsí perspective, the outcome of the development index in environmental dimension, social dimension, and economic dimension are 2.96, 3.67 and 3.44 respectively. Substituting overall median of every opinion in each dimension, the Sustainable Development Index (SDI) is 3.36, which means, in touristsí perspectives; the market development is moderate sustainability. On the other hand, entrepreneursí point of view displays the factors that related to their development strategy. Firstly, waste segregation is associated with environmental dimension. Secondly, pirate goods, safety in life and asset are related to social dimension. Finally, the daily profitability and appropriate pricing rule is related to economic dimension. As a result, the development index environmental dimension, social dimension, and economic dimension are 3.02, 2.68 and 3.30 correspondingly. Simulating overall mean of entire opinion in each dimension the SDI equal to three, which means the overall development in entrepreneursí mindset is at average sustainability. Keywords: Sustainable Development, Environmental Dimension, Social Dimension, Economic Dimension.