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The Marketing Strategy Research of Giant

In 2008, the 29th Olympic Games is successfully being held in Beijing, and in 2010, “Better City, Better Life” as the theme of the Expo 2010 shanghai, it also being successfully held. Just as what I have said, everything shows that Chinese people have changed a lot both in physical life and in spirit life .With the improvement of our life level, our life style and the reorganizations of health care have developed a lot as well. Low carbon lifestyle and environment protection have been the morality of Chinese people .However, what we should do? And by analyzing people’s choice of traffic tools and leisure tools, we can better understand this question. The function of bicycle as traffic tool in cities is fading. More and more people choose public transportation or auto-driving travel. But the other functions of the bikes especially high-grade bikes are increasingly reflected, such as fitness and entertainment and leisure. Giant as a well-known brand, it not only has some strengths and disadvantages as a company, it also in the outside has some opportunities and threats. By analyzing these problems, we can acquire some useful and constructive marketing strategies. Keywords – Bicycle, Giant, Marketing, SWOT analyze