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The Components Of Constructivist Learning Environment Model With Flipped Classroom To Enhance 21st Century Learning For Pre-Service Teachers

Nowadays, societal changes in the 21st century are affecting the way people live their lives throughout the society, thus, a change in perspectives, from a traditional to new paradigm, is required for the educational management in the 21st century in order to enable learners to be capable of seeking knowledge by themselves, especially in terms of the knowledge on technological uses, the full capability of knowledge seeking skill, being equipped with analytic and critical skills, as well as being able to create knowledge by themselves; all of which are essential to the present days’ learners. Therefore, we would like to develop a learning environment model by integrating information technology with Flipped Classroom so that the model can be used as a proper educational management model that fits the changes in society. This research aims to: (1) study the components of the Constructivist learning environment model with flipped classroom that enhances the 21st century learning for pre-service teachers; and (2) investigate the appropriateness of the model. Participated by a sample group of 12 specialists from purposive sampling, the study employed an appropriateness evaluation form as a tool. The statistics used in this study included mean and standards deviation. The results found that: (1) there were 7 components in the Constructivist learning environment model with flipped classroom that enhanced the 21st century learning for pre-service teachers, namely, the model principle, the model objective, learners/instructors, content, Constructivist learning environment, Flipped Classroom learning process, and 21st century leaning capability assessment; and (2) the evaluation, done by the specialists, on the learning environment indicated that the developed Constructivist learning environment was appropriate atGood level ( =4.2, S.D.=0.27) Keywords: Learningenvironment,Constructivist,Flipped Classroom, 21st century learning, Pre-service teachers