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An Approach To Establish Data Warehouse For Higher Education System

Operational data is typically not in the required format even it is the source for all types of applications, but the data is to support the decision making process in an education system. Nowadays, colleges and universities are storing more information than ever before. Departments must have the right information at the right time to help them make more informed and fast result. The data in the operational database represents current process of admission; however the decisions are based on a percentage and economical background; on the other hand, data in operational databases are stored using functional as well as process orientation, what really decision-makers would like to have is subject orientation of data, which gives benefits of multiple views for data and decision making. DWDM subject helps these things to be happened. The main goal of a data warehouse implementation is to turn the wealth of data into information that can be used in improvement of admission, Examination, Result, etc process. In this paper, we highlighted the need of data warehousing and data mining for higher education and provided an approach to build the warehouse suitable to Colleges and Universities. Keywords: Data Mining, Departments, Admissions Examination, Results.