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Acceptability of Horse Radish “Malunggay” Food Wrapper

The powerful vegetable and packed with significant nutrients that our body needs is known as Malunggay by the Filipinos and Horse radish in English. It is scientifically called as Moringa Oleifera. It is considered as the most nutritious vegetable in the world which particularly the great source of rich in vitamins A, vit. C and iron .Other health benefits includes, dietary fiber , vitamin-C, folate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. Malunggay leaves and immature green pod which is known as drumstick are commonly prepared and ingredients of different dishes of Filipinos. Its leaves commonly known to increase lactation in nursing mothers. Many people ignored this vegetable or doesn’t want to eat especially children just because of its pungent odor. Rather get bored on the usual way of preparation. . With this reason, the researcher thought of another kind of food article to give variation on the preparation and made it as food wrapper used in preparing lumpia, omelet , shanghai, siomai, and other kind of foods to be wrapped. Experimental and descriptive-survey were the research method used. There were 100 respondents; 25 faculty & staff, 50 students from the university, and 25 consumers from the market place. Food taste test was applied in evaluating the good attributes of the food wrapper using the Score sheet 9-Point Hedonic Scale with face to face interview. The data were analyzed and interpreted with the used of frequency count, percentage and mean score. The respondents accepted and liked very much the food wrapper especially in preparing vegetable lumpia and omelette. It is recommended that it should be subjected to microbial test to lengthen the shelf-life. This study serves as a reference of food processor who would want to indulge business in making food wrapper. Likewise, as reference of future researchers in transforming agricultural yields particularly foods that are not well accepted by the people. Keyword - Malunggay, Food Wrapper, Health benefits