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Medical Ethics Issues - Taking Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer as Examples

In today’s society, the rate of cancer is increasing. Taiwan’s social culture is constantly changing and discussion on medical ethics also becoming more and more diverse. Gene defects and surrogate motherhood have always been controversial topics, besides medical ethics Issues, this study also discuss the behavior of women undergoing free cancer screening and analyzing the relevance of performing screening tests. Cancer screening is a healthy behavior that uses personal attitudes and beliefs to explain and predict healthy behavior research, the questionnaires total recovery of 200. The result showed significant difference in health status has a major impact on ethical issues, and normal health conditions are willing to prevent surgery for longevity. ANOVA showed that gene deficiency, surrogate mother, and preventive surgery were significantly associated with differences in age and marital status. With the advancement of medical technology, cancer can be effectively cured once it is discovered early. With proper inspection and regular follow-up, even if the mutation gene is positive, it can maintain a good quality of life after preventive treatment. Index terms - Medical ethics, Breast cancer, Cervical cancer.