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Examining English Language Learning Difficulties Amongst Thai Students

This study investigates student’s English language learning difficulties using a participatory action research approach. The study seeks to gain insight into difficulties faced by English learners in the international business management program at the faculty of management science UbonRatchathani University. Findings revealed that difficulties faced by students are related to teaching methods, personal, and the environment surrounding the learners. Also, the difficulties faced were different across different skills in English language learning. These findings were consistent with those made by other researchers: (Al Fadda, 2012; Boon-Long, 2008; Hassan & Badi, 2015; Song, 1995; TURNER & HIRAGA, 1996). Indicating that though learners differ in their abilities and background, they, however, face similar learning difficulties in their quest to acquire English as their second language. Keywords: Language Learners, Learning difficulties, participatory action research