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Ongevity: Risk or Opportunity? Relativity and Complexity of the Phenomenon. A Research Study

Almost all countries are ageing. Differences between regions and countries highlight the economic, political and cultural background of each community.Increasing longevity, a positive phenomenon for the individual, has become a difficult problem for governments. ”The elderly live too much and it is a risk for the global economy, something must be done now. The risk of people living longer than expected" (Lagarde, Cr., 2018). Longevity: risk or opportunity? Each answer requires reason, emotional intelligence and most of all empathy. Good governance seemed sufficient to make decisions about society. Nowadays, governments and communities are more emotional than rational. Major societal problems, including ageing, are required to be approached from a dual perspective: behavioral-cultural and rational. Governance could be a process of conscious attention and empathy inclusive toward the elderly. This process involves competencies, consistency and respect for the individual. Governance is strikingly like a fish, that is, it is snapping or being healthy from the head. When government does not offer fair models, why would community members behave like honest individuals? (Nordstrom, Ridderstråle, 2009, pp. 228-229). The paper presents the results of a study on the phenomenon of aging. The research has been conducted over the last 7 years, analyzing the cultural and political outlook of answers to the primary question: aging represents a risk or opportunity? It is imperative that governments and public opinion reconsider their positions towards aging. Future strategies could start from this gain of humanity (increasing life expectancy), correcting budget imbalances and inequalities. Key words - Ageing People, Culture, Politics, Relativity, Complexity