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Damage Reduction Methods Of Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems In Windstorms

The September and October (2013) wind storms in Canterbury, New Zealand had highest worldwide reported windstorm damaged on centre pivot irrigation systems. Around 800 centre pivot has been damaged and it cost farmers millions dollars directly and indirectly. It was very difficult to find the engineering proofed recommendation for farmers to protect their irrigation systems during windstorms. The study has developed to understand farmersí reactions, before, during and after wind storm to protect their irrigation systems. After several face to face interview and analysing 91 questionnaires, and evaluating available guidelines the best recommendations were selected to help farmers. The study shows appropriate action plan can reduce the windstorm damages significantly. The information of this study will be useful for all farmers to reduce wind storm damage on centre pivots. Key Words- Centre Pivots, Wind Storm, Irrigation System, Anchor