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The Use Of Jigsaw Ii To Enhance The Students Reading Comprehension In The First Grade Of Papua Senior High School

Reading is the indispensable material in learning language. However, the teacher’s method is considered traditional and many students have the problem in comprehending a text. The purpose of this study to enhance the students’ reading comprehension focused on narrative text at first grade of senior high school. It employs a quasi-experimental of control group time series design utilizing three steps to run this research as pretest, treatment and posttest to obtain data from 35 students is taken by using purposive sampling. The result of this research concludes that null hypothesis is rejected, because it requires the examining criterion statistic calculating, hence the null hypothesis is rejected or alternative hypothesis is received. Thus it could be concluded that the result of learning process of Jigsaw II in experimental class is better compared with the result of control class. These imply that Jigsaw II method is the beneficial alternative method to teach reading comprehension and will help the students improve their reading comprehension at the First Grade of Papua Senior High School Keywords - Reading comprehension, Jigsaw II method, Narrative text.