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Effect Of Green Marketing In Hospitality Industry In Jordan

Green marketing for the services of the hospitality industry can be defined as an organization’s efforts at designing, pricing , promoting, and distributing products or services that will not harm the environment. This paper was formulated in order to evaluate various aspects of green marketing in hospitality industry. And attempts to explore the evolution of green marketing in the hotel industry in Jordan .By using the following Questions :- (1) to examine if Hotels in Jordan have already begun to respond to environmental management system (EMS) . (2) to gather tourists’ points of view if marketers have failed or they have never really tried to adopt the concept. (3) to examine the level of awareness of tourists relating to green practices embraced by hotels. (4) to find out the level of understanding of local and international tourists on green marketing. To explain the environmental attributes into marketing activities as a part of environmental management system (EMS) . Furthermore, green washing was explained as a potential hazard in green marketing in hotels. Afterwards, eco-hotels, as a new trend in green marketing, were introduced. Finally, strategies of green marketing were mentioned. It was concluded that a common green culture should be developed in hotels and among their staff in order to achieve sustainable development in hospitality industry. Keywords - Eco-hotels; EMS; environmentally-friendly; green marketing;