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Investigation The Soil Aquifer Treatment for Domestic Wastewater Treatment, Xaysetha District Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

The study is being carried out to investigate the potential for applying SAT in Xaysetha district, Lao PDR and investigation the most suitable site for SAT in Xaysetha district. The methodology was used MCDA, GIS, RRA and semi-structured interview to rank SAT site and investigate the physical, social and economic factor at the most suitable site (Nonvay site). The results of SAT ranking indicated that Xaysetha district has a potential to construct up to 3 high suitable site, 8 moderate suitable sites, and 6 low suitable sites. On the other hand, the results of physical, social and economic assessment at Nonvay site represented that DO was exceeded the Lao National Environmental Standard, and the soil infiltration rate is about 24 mm/hour (0.58 m/day). The households around Nonvay site have their own land and they access to water use and have a relationship with 9 organizations. They product wastewater was estimate 150 liter/person/day. And the land available for SAT is worth to US$ 39 million. Keywords - Domestic Wastewater Treatment, Soil Aquifer Treatment, Xaysetha District, Vientiane Capital.