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A Study on Determinants and Dynamic State Transition of IT Non-use

The purpose of this study is to identify the determinants of non-use and the dynamic nature of non-use by the qualitative research methodology, grounded theory methodology, as part of identifying the nature of non-use. We applied the grounded theory methodology to a total of 23 college students, including non-users who are not currently using them, users with low intention to use them, and users with high intention to use. We extracted the codes related to the use and proposed the non-use dynamics conversion process based on the coding results. In results, we found the following. First, the use of information technology can also promote the frequency of use, but can also lead to the use of negative attitudes which would fall in the state of non-use. Second, the user may have both positive and negative attitudes toward the current information technology. Third, if usage is dominated by habits, it is not so easy to change persistent use into an unused state. Fourth, factors that determine the use of specific information technology can be a factor in determining nonuse. This study has contributed to understand the essence of non - use as well as the nature of use, overcoming limitations of quantitative research approach and confirming possibility of grounded theory method in information system research. Keywords - Determinants of non-use, Dynamics of non-use, Grounded theory methodology.