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Marketing Talent Analysis and Development Model: A Case Study Bolier Fountain Company in China

Under the theme of ecological civilization and cultural diversity from the policy National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020) [1], China fountain industry faces a huge market and challenge in the future.Due to the development of time constraints, the fountain industry face plenty of problems,such as lack of specialized R & D team,internal management lag and many other issues.This paper presents aneffective identification case study from both marketing workers’ perspective,company perspective,and customer perspective to identify the critical problem in the fountain company,which effect the organizational competency and performance seriously. Marketing talent analysis and development model framework is proposed to find out the organization root cause. The results show that i) knowledge gap of marketing workers competence is one step behind organization expectation; ii) in the past no customers classification which cause no direction in marketing workers improvement plan; and iii) training course contents did not serve marketing staff competence to attract the potential customers and retain the first time customers. Index terms - Construction industries, Fountain marketing competency, Knowledge management