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The Quality of National Standardized School Exam Questions on Mathematic Subject in Bantaeng Based on Classical Theory and Item Response Theory at SMA

To know the quality of National standardized school Exam, it can be done by using the analysis both of theoretically and empirically. The purpose of this research was to know the quality of the question quantitatively with classical test theory and itemf difficulty, the effectiveness of distracter, and the opportunity of guessing the questions. this research used quantitative descriptive method that describes the quality of questions based on classical test theory and item response theory by using R program. Data collection technique is done by documentation method in the form of question card, lattice sheet of questionnaire and students answer sheet. The results showed that the validity of the contents for the test of national standard schools of high school mathematics subjects in Bantaeng Regency including high category that is worth 0.87.This can be seen through the expert agreement index that is the ratio of the number of items from the two experts with strong relevance category with the whole item by using Gregory index.Reliability of high category entry with reliability coefficient of 0.92. Keywords - Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory