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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Model STAD Type on Learning Results Participants

This study aims to determine the results of chemistry learning taught by cooperative learning model type STAD and who taught by direct learning models on learners in SMA Negeri 9 Bulukumba. This research is a quasi experiment research. The population of this research is all class XI IPA SMAN 9 Bulukumba. Sampling using simple random sampling and chosen 2 classes as sample, that is class XI IPA 1 as experiment class and class XI IPA 2 as control class. To collect the data used by the test of chemistry that is to know the learning result of chemistry learning taught by STAD type cooperative learning model and learning chemistry result by the direct learning model. From the results of data analysis descriptively obtained the conclusion that the learning outcomes of chemistry learners who are taught by the STAD type cooperative learning model is better than the direct learning model. Keywords: STAD Type Cooperative Learning and Chemical Learning Results.