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A Comparative Study of the Speaking Activity of the Senior High School Students Through Problem Solving and Debate

This research provides a description of the activities of the students in speaking English through problem solving and debate. The objective of the research was to find out the students speaking in this two methods. The method of the research applied was descriptive comparative with observation checklist as the instrument. The population of the research was the second year of senior high school students that consisted of 32 students. The result of the research found that the students were more active in problem solving than in debate. It was proved from the value of the students’ scores in both activities. Through the application of the t-test, it was found that there is significance different of the students speaking activities between problem solving and debate, in which the value of the t-test was higher than the value of t-table. If the t-test was higher than t-table, it means that there was a significant difference, and if the value of the t-test was lower, it means that there was no significant difference. Keywords - Speaking Activities, Problem Solving, Debate