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Analisys Implementation of Academic Supervision by School Supervisor for Indonesian Language Teachers in Senior High School Bantaeng Distrit

The implementation of school academic supervision is the academic supervision activity that is conducted by the supervisor of a school on teachers in doing their task, so that they can be more professional in their field. The purposes of this research to know the impelementation of academic supervision of school supervisors at Senior High school in Bantaeng which include four aspect namely, planning, monitoring, assessment, and training. This research is a qualitative approach by a descriptive method. Background research in six high schools in Bantaengdistric .Subjek were supervisor of Indonesian language subject, informant of this research is Indonesian language teachers at six senior high school in Bantaeng district. The data are collected through by interview, observation, and documentation. The results show that: 1) the performance of school supervisor can be improve the quality of teachers competence. Performance supervisors through the process stages namely planning, monitoring, assessment, and training the professionalism of the teachers can be increasing the Indonesian language teachers performance in the class. The supervision done by the supervisor to improve the quality of Indonesian language teachers performance through coaching, motivation, mentoring and monitoring practice activities at school, 2) factors that support the performance of supervisors is a good pattern of relationships between supervisor of the teachers with principals and teachers and high awareness and discipline owned by the teachers. The other factors is namely ICT mastery and meeting in discussion forum. Keywords- Academic supervision, School supervisor, Implementation academic supervision