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Analysis Of Effect Of Core Material On The Performance Of Single Phase Induction Motor

Suqrriel cage single phase induction motors are rapidly replacing three phase induction motors now a days. Th basic reason behind the growing demand of single phase induction motors is that power requirement of consumers belonging to domestic load, commercial load and rural areas is small and easily meet out with single phase supply. The Secondly the economics of motor and its sub circuits because upto 500 watt motors can generally be served most economically by single phase supply. The required performance characteristics meet out by variety of SPIM’s available in the market today. The improvement in the drawbacks of zero starting torque small overloading capability low efficiency and poor power factor has been achieved to certain level by changing the design parameters of both rotor and stator by the researcher in recent past. The performance improvement of SPIM by using appropriate stator and rotor core material is carried out in this paper. Results of Maxwell simulation using four different core materials presented the observable enhancement in performance with steel1010 as compared to conventional steel D23 Key words - Single phase motor, Core materials, Efficiency, torque