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From Juridical To Moral Approach: New Route Togay Human Rights Activism In Uganda

Uganda’s human rights record has consistently deteriorated in recent years and continues to worsen by day. In these circumstances, attempts at engaging activismin pursuit of human rights and justicealways attract state reprisals not only for academics but to all concerned actors. In Uganda, apart from political dissenters the gaycommunity has suffered the worst violations. Whereas moral reasoning on matters of human existence and governance in particular is the substratum for human rights ideals and eventual practices, this understanding does not seem to be reflected in human rights activism in Uganda. For the most part, human rights activism takes the form a confrontational legalistic approach instead of a persuasive approach that relies on pure moral reasoning and persuasion. This paper ethical reflections to demonstrate the wrongness and injustice involved in criminalizing homosexuals. The paper concludes that in circumstances like those in Uganda the teaching of ethics and actual engagements in moral reasoning on the human condition as well as human rights as one of their corollary is an important promise of social justice-cum-human rights to the LGBT community in Uganda and like settings. Key words - Ethics, Moral Reasoning, Human Rights, Gay Rights, Justice,LGBT, Uganda