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The Relationship Between Human Trafficking and Traffic Congestion in Kuwait

Traffic congestion is a severe problem on roads and highways in Kuwait. Over the past decade, there has been a rapid increase in the number of vehicles way beyond the capacity of the same old roads. Consequently, drivers and road users remain in their vehicles for much longer than the estimated times to reach their respective destinations.Theuncontrolledgrowthoftraffichasbeenrapidandispotentiallyirreversible.Compounding this problem, more drivers will be entering the already congested roads and highways. Currently, the total population of Kuwait is more than 4,202,778. Sixty-nine percent (2,903,783) of them are non-Kuwaiti citizens. Eighty three percent of them (1,200,000) are lacking a college degree. Kuwait has a history of non-Kuwaiti citizens living in the country and working for both public and private sectors. However, among them there are those with limited education and skills but brought to the country because they paid an amount of money to Kuwaiti human traffickers. Many of foreigners are brought to the country by traffickers and live in poor health conditions. They made pressure on health services too especially the public health services provided by the government and covers all people residing in Kuwait. Also, they affected the characteristics of the population formulation of Kuwait because of the large gap between the number of Kuwaiti citizens and non-Kuwaitis. These characteristics are not foreigners to be blamed for, but the government and the poor policies that has adopted and implemented. The Kuwaitis who are famous for trafficking, no authority question or blame them for this kind of business and the government is aware of what is going on in the country. The authorities therefore, should initiate fair and just policies and practice control over the numbers of non-Kuwaitis entering the country by controlling the greed of the Kuwaiti human traffickers if wishes to control the growth of the population. The best solution to the growing number of the population is prevention by initiating a policy and implementing an action. The government is responsible to take the right decision to solve problems on country level especially that all main roads and highways are congested most of the time. This action is possible when there is control over human trafficking in order to decrease the growth of the population and eventually to reduce traffic congestion.