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Polymorphisms of Gene ENOS Increase the Risk of Essential Hypertension

Gene polymorphisms are risk factors of essential hypertension. The study was conducted to investigate the associations between genetic polymorphisms and the risk of hypertension. The present study of 497 cases and 497 controls was conducted with a case-control design. The associations between genetic polymorphism of 36 SNPs in 9 genes and the risk of hypertension were studied using logistic models in different genetic models. Among the 36 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in 9 genes, significant associations of rs1008140 in eNOS with the risk of hypertension were found. Compared with GG phenotype, participants with GT and TT genotypes in rs1008140 of gene eNOS had an increased risk of essential hypertension (OR=1.40, 95% CI: 1.01-1.95, P = 0.047). Polymorphisms in gene eNOS might increase the risk of having essential hypertension. Index Terms - Gene polymorphism; Essential hypertension; Epidemiology; Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms