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Improvement of Music Digital (Streaming) Providers Activation to The Latest Technology Through Music Consumption Behavior Analysis on Each Generation at Bandung City, Indonesia

This study aims to find out how to encourage each generation behaviors especially for young generation who change their way of consuming music and get the right strategy to deal with future situation and conditions. The rapid pace of trends movement in internet connections has made the behavior of the community changed, including the consumption of music. Physical form of music, also suffered a declining revenue due to piracy. This study used sampling technique and observed the phenomenon that occurred in the music industry in 2016-2017. To analyze the relationship on each variable by used Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). This research hypothesis used an adaption of UTAUT2 model with some changed variables and other extended variables. Variables of influence (Culture, Reference group, Perception and Consumer Attitude to Purchasing Decision then to Use and Subscribe Behavior) are have positive effect. The result shows baby boomers and X generation are unchangeable from the oncoming new trends on music media. Y and Z are willing to use and purchase if provided promptly, authentic, great features and user-friendly. Afterwards, the music industry can develop the potential of current and future technology development then adopted it into the latest music service media for the upcoming young generation and they will surely try this latest technology. Index Terms - Consumer Behavior, Influence, Music Streaming, Purchasing Decision, TRA