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The Influence of Electronic Commerce Website on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Indonesia

Online shopping has become new trend in Indonesia. Indonesian e-commerce industry in the last ten years grew about 17% with a total of e-commerce business reaching 26.2 million units. With so much competition in this e-commerce business, every company will compete to find ways to satisfy their customer, especially in their own website. Therefore, this research aims to find the component of e-commerce website that can influence customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in e-commerce business among Y generation in Indonesia. The sampling for this research is 207 responses in Bandung, Indonesia and collected for two months from December 2017. All the data gained were analyzed by various statistical methods in Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). The main data analysis is done using Multiple Regression Test Analysis method. This method was used to determine direction between each variable relation. This research found time consuming variable is has the biggest positive and significant influence on customer satisfaction, followed by interactivity variable, and ease to use variable. For visual variable, there are positive influence on customer satisfaction but insignificant. It also found customer satisfaction has very positive and significant influence towards e-commerce customer loyalty. Findings in this research can help e-commerce companies to improve their e-commerce website. Index Terms - Interactivity, Loyalty, Satisfaction, Visual