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The Effect of Marketing Communication to the Perception and Purchase Intention on Green Beverage Product: Case of Bandung City, Indonesia

Nowadays, there is declining in consumer awareness and the quality of the environment in Indonesia. It is caused by some of the businesses which only concern on profit without awareness to maintain the environment. For example, the amount of waste disposal in Bandung city is 15,000 tons per day such as plastic of food wrapping, wrappers and others which cannot be recycled. To get the sustainability of the business, they should plan to use green marketing communication for their consumers. Green Marketing approach defines as if business conduct its production, promotion, and distribution activities to be the benefit of the environment. There is a lot of business Company which has been conducted “green” through their marketing communication activities. In Bandung city, “green” campaign is still not getting a positive response in the society. It is indicated by a lot of people who still throw away the waste anywhere. This study focuses on food beverage product packaging in Bandung City which considering green product packaging. Based on the phenomenon, there is activity from the business to campaign “go green” but is still lack of their awareness. The question of the study is how is the influence of green marketing communication to the consumer perception, also consumer perception and green marketing communication to their purchase intention. The consumer target in the study is young consumers from 19-25 years old who domiciles in Bandung city. The study uses structural equation modeling to answer the research question. The result shows that green message is positively significant (0.72) toward perception, and perception positively significant toward purchase intention (0.03). Keywords - Brand Image, Perception, Attention to Buy, Green Product, Consumer Behavior