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Music Piracy Revisited: Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Illegal Consumption Behavior

Music piracy is becoming worse each year. This problem already becomes social phenomena. People’s decide to consume illegal music could be influence by social norm. They would consider their behavior depends on what people around them or society do or think of it. The problem is, music piracy already widespread. Majority of people did this illegal act. Hence, people start thinking that the prevalence of this behavior as the norm. In fact, this act is immoral and unacceptable. Therefore, campaign that could educate them is important. But, types of normative message that contain in the campaign could give different effect on people. Rather than reducing the number of illegal consumer, that normative message could make the situation even worse. Therefore, knowing the appropriate type of normative message that would be suitable for music piracy campaign is needed. Understanding the effect by implementing this in real world could not be the right choice because if giving the wrong type of normative message, the situation could not be turned back to how it was before. Because of that, simulation is appropriate for this problem. This research provides a model and simulation for understanding different effect of normative message for music piracy. At the end of this research, not only theoretical implication, practical implication that would suitable to be applied in music piracy is provided. Keywords - Agent-based modelling and simulation, Behavioral decision-making, Music piracy, Norm.