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The Impact Of The Dark Leadership On Organizational Ethic Climate

If asked to generate a list of leaders, most people could quickly provide the names of several very popular, successful, and great leaders. It seems that when we think about leadership, we are conditioned to think about leadership only positive. The increasing number of corporate scandals, ethical breaches, and failed organizations show us that we have neglected to research very important and fruitful side of leadership – bad side of leadership - and its negative effects and results. Dark leadership’sresearches concern leadership effectiveness studied from the reverse angle. Dark leadership can be defined as dysfunctional personality of leaders effects on his/her behavior and decision negatively. In this study is aimed to be examined; the relationship between dark leadership and it’s sub dimensions with organizational ethic climate in the context of hotel management,. The concepts of leadership and organizational ethic climate, has been choosen as a research topic, because of their effects on organizational outputs. The relational screening model was preferred. Questionnaire technique has been used as the data gathering method and for this purpose ‘Dark Leadership Scale’ developed by Gillaspie (2009), ‘Organizational Ethic Climate Scale’ developed by Schwepker (2001) have been used in this study. As a result of this research conducting on 794 employees who work in four or five stars hotels located in Turkey’s four biggest cities (Adana, Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir). There are a negative relationship between organizational ethic climate and dark leadership (r= -0,244, p< 0,01), paranoid leadership (r= -0,488, p< 0,01), compulsive leadership (r= -0,152, p< 0,01), passive aggressive leadership (r= -0,102, p< 0,05) and narcissist leadership (r= -0,95, p< 0,05). Regression analysis of the impact of dark leadership (R2=0.274) over organizational ethic climate, found a significant change in the coefficient of determination. Keywords: Dark leadership, organizational ethical climate, hotel management.